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Our menu is traditional English, fish and chips, pies and pasties and a selection of curries, along with salads, sandwiches, and gourmet pizzas.


When it's hot outside, pop in for a cool pint and lively conversation. And why not? There's nothing better than a cool pint on a warm Florida day.


.We open early to accommodate fans during big EPL games and feature NFL, MLB, NHL, and MLB games. We also have live music and trivia nights

The Horse & Jockey A Bit About Us

Before you even ask, yes, the pub owners are Brits. So you might as well add the word “authentic” to our name. Liverpool native Lea Doyle purchased The Horse & Jockey in August 2008. Before Lea took over the reins at The Horse & Jockey British Pub, he warmed a seat many a time on the other side of the bar. And that’s a perspective you want in a pub owner!

The Horse & Jockey British Pub & Restaurant has been in South Pasadena, right in same location, since 1987. We’re a neighborhood pub with many regulars from around Gulfport, St. Pete Beach, St. Petersburg, and throughout the British expat community in Tampa Bay..

An “Absobloodylutely” British Pub

A bit about “Absobloodylutely”

One of The Horse & Jockey’s regulars, Dexter Gabbard Jr. coined the term for the pub after I purchased it in August 2008. Sadly, Dexter died a few weeks later. It was much too soon—and for all of us whom had the privilege to know him and enjoy his sense of humor. We absobloodylutely miss him.